Refill Kits

InkTec Canon, Compaq, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Samsung, Sharp & Xerox Inkjet Printer Refill Kits

InkTec Refill Kits are the world's superior inkjet printer cartridge refilling kits available, because only InkTec kits come supplied complete with the highest quality inks, along with all the tools and instructions needed (refer below), to make refilling simple, straight-forward, reliable and mess-free.

  • Superior quality ink, tailored to suit your specific inkjet cartridge and printer
  • Multiple refills per kit (Note: Exact number of refills will vary between kits) 
  • Complete set of printed easy to follow step-by-step intructions in several languages, along with picture diagrams.
  • InkTec's patent pending 'suction tool'. Some cartridges require the cartridge to be 'bled' after refilling. This removes trapped air bubbles, and contaminents that will block the print heads, resulting in poor printing, and possible damage to the cartridge. Without this tool, you will not be able to refill successfully, and 'only' InkTec's refill kits have it.

  • Other Tools/Accessories:
    • Cartridge holders to prevent the cartridge from moving while refilling, and with guide holes for inserting the needle.
    • Screw tools to remove plugs and make holes for inserting needles (necessary for refilling some compatible cartridges)
    • Needles and syringes (note: in some kits, the ink bottle is the syringe. eg. Canon BCI-3e & 6e Series Kits)
    • Replacement plugs
    • Plastic gloves