Glossy Magnetic Inkjet & Laser Paper A4 (5 Sheets)

-20% Glossy Magnetic Inkjet & Laser Paper A4 (5 Sheets)

Glossy Magnetic Inkjet & Laser Paper A4 (5 Sheets)

Product Description:

Impact Glossy Magnetic 135gsm Inkjet and Laser Paper Is The Ideal Media For Projects That Demand That Extra Dimension For Greater Impact.

Display your favourite prints such as photographs of family and friends or children's artwork more prominantly where everyone can see them... on the kitchen fridge, on your filing cabinet at work, or on your computer case. In fact on just about any item with a metallic surface... the magnetic backing will hold the print firmly in place so that it won't slip, but will not damage the surface when removed.

Create Your own personalised 'Fridge Magnet' Business Cards, and make sure that your customers won't have to go hunting to find you... your contact details will always be there right in front of them on the most visited appliance in the home.


  • This product is ideally suited for 'ALL' Inkjet printers. Results may vary between different makes and models of Monochrome (Black-and-White) and Colour Laser printers, depending on their media handling capabilites, and in particular the fusing process. Laser printers that have the facility to alter the fuser temperature (there are usually 3 available settings: LOW, NORMAL [MEDIUM: DEFAULT SETTING], & HIGH), will produce better results, because the fusing temperature may be adjusted to best suit the media.
  • This product is 'NOT' suitable for motor vehicle signage. Because this product must pass through an Inkjet/Laser printer, the magnetic backing is limited in weight/thickness, and is therefore not sufficiently strong enough to hold it on the vehicle.
  • This product is rated at 135gsm (Grams Per Square Metre). However, due to it's 'metallic' backing, this paper will be heavier and thicker than an equivalent grade 135gsm photo quality paper. Hence, depending on your printer's paper handling capabilities, you may need to reduce the number of sheets in the paper tray, especially if your printer has a top-down paper feed. In addition we recommend that you place a single A4 copy paper separator sheet between each sheet of magnetic paper. This is not essential, but it will assist the printer to feed the magnetic paper through smoothly and evenly.

Product Specifications:

  • Glossy
  • Photo Quality
  • Magnetic Backed
  • 135gsm (Grams Per Square Metre)
  • Suitable For All Inkjet Printers
  • May Also Be Suitable For Some Monochrome (Black-and-White) and Colour Laser Printers
  • Ideal For Fridge Magnets, Business Cards, Nameplates, Photographs and Children's Artwork
  • Not Suitable For Motor Vehicle Signage
  • Available In A6 (10 Sheet), A4 (5 Sheet), A4 (50 Sheet Bulk) and A3 (5 Sheet) Packs

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