Bulk Ink

InkTec Bulk Inks For Brother/Canon/Epson/Hewlett Packard/Lexmark/Compaq/Dell/Kodak/Sharp/Xerox

The combination of InkTec Premium Glossy Photo paper and InkTec inks produces brilliant results that are every bit as good as that obtained with big brand-name products. I have won several Camera Club competition awards with this ink & paper combination.

InkTec Bulk Ink 100ml. Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan, Light MagentaInkTec is renowned as the world's market leader with over 15 years experience in producing superior quality compatible inks. Inktec's range of specifically tailored inks, not only out-perform compatible inks produced by other manufacturers but also perform as well as those produced by the original manufacturers such as Canon, Hewlett Packard and Lexmark.

You will find many sites on the web selling bulk inks. These sites will tell you how good their inks are and then try and sell you a universal ink that is supposedly suitable for all ink cartridges. This is only possible if you want to have problems and poor quality prints. InkTec produces high grade inks tailored for specific cartridges and printers. We doubt that you will be able to find another brand of ink that has better colour reproduction and lightfastness (fade resistance) properties than InkTec inks.

Some Points To Consider:

  • All printers have different printing resolutions and different printheads and each ink has to be made specifically to suit. Some use dye inks and some use the more expensive pigmented inks. InkTec specialises in pigmented inks and because of the volume they manufacture we are able to offer you the pigmented inks at the same price as our dye based inks.
  • Some inks are finer than others and most cartridges have sponges. The viscosity of the ink has to match the sponge because if its too thick it will clog the sponge, and if its too thin the cartridge will leak. How many horror stories have you heard about poor quality compatible cartridges. even though the manufacturers have tried to use the right ink in the those cartridges.
  • InkTec makes inks and InkTec makes cartridges so they are market leaders in ink technology. How many other manufacturers can you name that make both inks and cartridges, or for that matter even just the ink in their cartridges. We are willing to put a name to ours, chances are our competitors don't even know who the manufacturer of the ink they are selling is.
  • InkTec produces a wide range of inks for most inkjet printer makes including Brother, Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard and Lexmark, as well as specialty inks such as Dye Sublimation.
  • Compare the colours on prints using your current inks with those printed with InkTec inks, and you will marvell at the difference. InkTec inks produce sharp, crisp vibrant true-to-life colours that trully bring your images and photographs to life.
  • Images and photographs printed with InkTec inks have superior Fade Resistance and Longevity.

But don't just take our word for all this... Just GOOGLE InkTec Forum, and see what other people are saying about InkTec, and for even better results, combine InkTec's inks with a selection from InkTec's range of Inkjet Coated and Photo Quality Papers.